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Trade CFDs on Spot Energy such as Brent oil, WTI and Natural Gas and diversify your portfolio.

Energy trading involves trading the different energy commodities like oil, natural gas, heating oil, gasoline, or even electricity. Energy commodities tend to be quite volatile, making large price swings. They also tend to trend quite well. Both of these characteristics make energy trading the choice for traders who are looking for large profit potential. When adding in the leverage possible with CFDs on energy commodities these are an ideal choice for the aggressive trader.

An advantage of trading energy such as crude oil with Advanta FX is the benefit of trading freely without owning the actual asset. This gives you the flexibility to trade against the price movements without having to buy or sell the actual instrument. If you believe the price will likely go up or down, your profit and loss in is decided and calculated by the difference in the price at which you buy and sell.

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