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Privacy Policy
Please read THE Privacy Policy

Advanta FX keeps its level best to make sure that the privacy, confidentiality and security of its customers both during the interaction relation and afterwards, at the highest point which can be provided by the Advanta FX.

When a customer signs up Advanta FX, he approves to give consent for sharing some special information which is required to confirm the customers identity, investment and security of their trade accounts with the Advanta FX. These information is collected due to our strict verification procedures for inhabitation of international money laundering hereby establishing the security of our customers trade facilities.

Our customers commit to give correct and up to date information about their identifications. Besides this, they declare for sure that they signed up with their real names, invest for themselves and not being in a search for any kind of behaviours related to cheating and impersonation for any reason.

The data collection of Advanta FX ; includes the data which is declared by the customers upon request in addition to replacing cookies which collects data about the interaction behaviours of the customers with the website. These customer data collection tools are used for the maintenance of the customer security and shared only with the staff who is responsible for verification and the security and privacy maintenance within the Advanta FX.

Advanta FX will never expose the private or confidential information of any type to third parties unless it is necessary by law or for verification analysis for the protection of the accounts and security of the personal information without written allowance of our customers or former customers.

Customers accept and allow the usage of the whole information they provide or a part of it for transactions by the customer accounts, Advanta FX and with the Advanta FX in the name of the Advanta FX by signing in the Advanta FX and on the occasion of the voluntary interaction with Advanta FX’s products and services. All the interactions of the customers with the Advanta FX will be recorded by the Advanta FX and used if there will be any dissidence occurs between the Advanta FX and the customer.

Advanta FX does its best to apply the data protection procedures in order to provide the privacy of the customers. Advanta FX assures that it updates the data protection policy to maintain the security protection of confidential information of the customers.

Advanta FX sometimes may get in touch with customers in order to offer information about Advanta FX or CFDs or financial market investments via phone or e-mail. In addition to this, the Advanta FX may look forward to get in touch with the customers time to time in order to offer unique information for promotions via phone or e-mail.  Customers approve this type of communication when they register as they approve the terms of use upon registry as well. A customer has a right to simply call or e-mail to Advanta FX to request not getting in touched by the Advanta FX.

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